Yeah I read the setup thread. Still havin problems.
My first fret on the high e,b,g strings buzzes and dies.
The edge 3 is pretty straight but very slightly tilted back.
The notes at the twelth are very slightly sharp the notes at the 24th are 20-25 cents sharp. Action at the 24th is a bit high and pretty good IMO from fret 12 down.

This is my 'cheap' guitar so im not scared of ****ing it up. I just wanna do this myself. What exactly should I do? I've already raised the action a bit.
If it matters Im in eflat standard with a 9-52 set of slinkys.
Sounds like you need to tighten the truss rod a bit, also get the bridge aligned with the body (no tilt at all) before doing any intonation (if you even have to do any intonation once the edge is aligned, since it's tilted backwards it's pulling the notes sharp a bit). Sounds like you also should raise the treble side of the bridge just a little bit, though remove all the strings before doing that.

Really it's pretty hard to tell without pics because you're giving some slightly contradictory information depending on how you interpret it, though I think I get the general idea of what needs to be fixed.
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K bridge is level. Buzz on high e fret 1 only now but the notes on 12and24 are quite sharp and strings are pretty hight at the 24th now.
That's why you need to tighten your truss rod, I am assuming, though I can't be completely sure without pics or you'll have to figure it out on your own. Should be pretty easy to see if it's bowed or not.