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Me and my buddies have decided to start a gothic metal project a few weeks ago. We are still having trouble getting things off the ground for one main reason....our influences.

I (bassist) am influenced alot by death metal/power metal, our guitarist is into 80s thrash (i.e Kreator), our drummer is more into speed/punk (i.e X Japan, Misfits), and our singer has been in previous gothic projects before so shes fine.

How do we get over this creative slump? Were so influenced by fast/technical music we arent really sure how to slow things down and writ a proper gothic metal song.

We arent looking to be another Nightwish-esque goth band (although it will probably turn into that because they all sorta do). If we COULD we want to avoid having orchestrations mainly because im the only one that can play a keyboard, and we dont want to play live with a back track, even though its usually a major part of gothic metal.

Any tips would be fantastic.


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Whenever I'm in a group that has influences that dont really match, I just allow them to come through. It's easier to make a song when you let it evolve naturally than to constrain it to the genre.

Not sure how useful it is, but if it helps you lot find any bridges between the various genres, then awesome, just to start with. Another trick I've found useful is the typical "Everyone pick a song to do as a cover + see how everyone's styles fit".
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try learning some goth metal covers as a band but let your influences come through in your playing til you develop your collective sound
Why are you so set on being a Gothic band? I think you're styles are close enough to just blend. Just as you said, if you're going to try and be a Gothic band, you're simply going to sound like an already existing Gothic band. Do your own thing and when you have some songs done you just have a look at whatever genre you would call it.
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