Alright recording thread, care to help a brother out? (Yes, you may have assumed right)
Reviewing some of my segment, i came to find out that the orchestral elements are not strong at all what so ever, as they seem to get drowned out. What EQing techniques can I make to make them more stronger and studio quality? Or should I simply add more instruments?
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Most likely the problem is you have other stuff going on in the mix that's covering them up. It really depends on the sonic footprint of the strings vs. the rest of the music. You'll have to decide what you can cut from other instruments to give your orchestral stuff room to breath.

Take a look at this.

You need to EQ all of your orchestral instruments separate. That guide should give you an idea of where your instruments are falling frequency wise. Try clearing up those frequencies so the orchestral pieces can shine through.

EDIT: Note the guide isn't exact it just gives you a range.