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Morning/Early aftertoon
8 36%
Afternoon/Early evening
7 32%
Late Eveninng/Night
7 32%
Voters: 22.
For those of you who exercise regularly, when do you usually prefer to work out and why? I prefer morning work outs because it just gets the day going and feels good to start the day that way (other than fapping/intercourse in the morning of course).

Also, a question I've always had:

Is there a time of day that is best to work out or is it just personal preference? I've heard mixed things about this so I'm curious.
I prefer afternoons/evenings. I want to try doing it in the mornings but I just can't get up that early. I don't think there's an objectively "best time", everyone gets up at different times.

Tomorrow I actually thought I would get up early and go to the gym. Tried it today but I'm still kinda ill.
I mostly like to run at night because I feel like when I run in the morning I don't have my full strength yet.
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I think I read somewhere that testosterone is usually higher in the morning, so it's a bit easier and slightly more productive to exercise in the morning, but I really am quite the n00blet on the subject.
I have gym class at school 7.35 - 08:35 on thursday morings, but in the weekends and during breaks I prefer late afternoon.
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exercise in the morning can be great for calorie burning because it jump starts your metabolic rate. that being said, if you are tired in the morning and cannot do it, then don't you may not get the results you are after. cardio is better in the morning. as far as lifting is concerned if your body is more fresh and loose then it will perform better. doing heavy lifting in the morning can become counter productive, unless caffeine is involved to get your blood flowing easier. when it comes down to it, it is all about the person, some prefer morning some swear by afternoon/night, either way do it consistently.
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I usually work out at half past never
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I like working out any time from 5 pm to midnight because I'm not a morning person so exercising in the morning makes me feel terrible for the rest of the day, and I get really sleepy and unmotivated in the afternoon.
Yeah, I'm not usually awake in the mornings, plus I very rarely have the motivation or determination to do a productive workout. After evening meal, I'll sit down for an hour or so, then do a some minor workouts. I really need to get back into my proper routine again