Hey all.

Just this weekend I bought a new guitar, a 2006 BFG Les Paul.

not sure if any of you have seen these, here's a pic

However the main reason i bought it, someone took out the killswitch and moved the pickup toggle done there (I hate les pauls for the sole reason that the toggle switch is right in my way)

What are some opinions of this guitar?

apparently the BFG stand for barely finished guitar, which is fine for me, because is 8 weeks i will be a certified luthier, any interesting ideas on how to finish this thing?

/end wall of text
I'm the opposite - I'd rather have my kneecaps drilled than use the Fender, SG and PRS selector positions.

I smack the switch all the damn time when I'm playing because it's right below the bridge pup. Plus it's in the way when I go to do quick volume adjusts.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Feel free to express yours so I can make an informed judgement about how stupid you are.
opinion on the BFG,
bang for your buck. i love them, plus it has a p90 in the neck cant go wrong with that on a les paul.
this is a real guitar as it was made long long time ago for the first time, wood and pickups.
I do have the same question as JustRooster.
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No from Alberta Canada actually haha.

*this isn't an actual photo of mine*

mine has the toggle moved to the killswitch position and the p90 is much higher than in this photo, all the wiring was redone and see thru covers on the back.

think i should keep it how it is, or finish the thing?