something i put on here a while back.
Re discovered it a few hours ago.
got to work.
Made a few adjustments.
Solo is shit. I know.

Any constructive crits are welcome.


I didn't really like the drum intro to begin the song, but the following riffs make up for it. I like the part at bar 45, simple but effective.The drum part at bar 58 was good, much better than the intro drum only part :p Good transition between time signatures too. I like the major lead guitar part at bar 92. The solo starting at 109 wasn't bad either. I think you transitioned bad between the solo and the part afterwards though. Transitioning into bar 148 was pretty bad too, no offense. Doesn't even sound like the same song then it kind of ends abruptly.

Overall, the song wasn't bad but not my style of music. If you would return the favor https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1433361
Changes :-
Removed Acoustic part.
New intro.
Fiddled with the solo.
Touched up on some drum parts.

What'dya think?

Reworked the odd part here and there.
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