A while back, I submitted a thread that compared the LTD EC1000 - LTD EC1000T - Godin Summit CT.

Out of those choices, based off feedback from members, and researching the guitars, I decided on the LTD EC1000T. But I kept looking around, and now I'm stuck between two guitars once again.

So, any opinions on the guitars?
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price range, pics...
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Schecter C1 Custom

Ebony fingerboard, Seymour Duncans, Custom SH-11 / Custom '59 SH-1n, 24 Medium frets, 25.5" scale, locking tuners. $700


Rosewood fingerboard, Seymour Duncans, Alnico II Pro (Bridge and Neck), 22XJ frets, locking tuners, 24.75" scale. $850
I have felt the taste of sound.
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id go for the ltd, simply because the specs are similar but it looks far nicer, altho it depends on whether you want 22 or 24 frets
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24 frets would be nice, but I wouldn't be comprimising with 22 frets. I don't use the 24th fret a whole lot, I mean it would be useful. Basically, either way, my tonal pallette would be just fine imo on the 22 as much as the 24, but at least the 24 would give me the option of using it if I wanted/needed to.

And the c1 has that ebony fingerboard as well..
I have felt the taste of sound.
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I'd go with the LTD because I love the les paul shape, and for some reason I just don't like the look of string-thru. Really though, it's your choice, they are both pretty similar

LTD EC-1000 (Vintage Black)
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You can't make a wrong choice with those two guitars, I basically own the EC-1000 (mine's 24 frets and less thick, but passive nonetheless) and I had a lower end Schecter C-1 in the past. I prefer the LP shape - and the neck on the EC series is the best thing out there IMO.

So go play them, and pick whichever one your hands stick to more.
I would go with the LTD. the hardware is better quality, and I much prefer LTD necks to schecters (baseball bats). however, you should definitely play them if you can!!!

also, the EC is just a gorgeous guitar. thank god they didnt cover the thing with abalone!
Yeah, much of the EC line is covered in abalone, which just looks kind of ... shitty. Like a french ***** with too much perfume.
I have felt the taste of sound.