I am having trouble getting light headed about 3/4 through a song when doing death metal vocals. What are some excersizes I can do to prevent this? I try to be aware of my diaphragm as much as I can. Is this just something that will come with time as I build stamina.
Don't lock your knees, for the love of god. That is one thing that many self taught singers tend to do and it will cause light-headedness and even fainting. I'm not a death metal vocalist by any means, and my screams are more of a Foo Fighters/Dave Grohl kind of screaming, but it definitely helps to stay relaxed (slightly bend knees, relax shoulders) and just not strain yourself too hard.
Use more voice and less air when you're screaming. How long have you been screaming for?
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shift your weight on your feet if your just standing around it will help get more blood back up to your head, alot of people might underestimate how large an effect this can have. also like the other poster said try not to force out the air your breathing too much.
I haven't been screaming that long maybe a month now I have been singing for a few years. I make sure not to lock my knees. I my be tensing my upper body I will have to be more concious of that. I should also add that I am an avid runner, I usually run 25-30 miles a week. That is the main reason that I am kind of baffled by this.
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tried to pay more attention to what I was actually doing tonight....seems I am focusing to much on volume instead of tone. If I roll it back a little I dont get light headed. I guess my volume will increase as my skill level advances.