Hey everyone!

So I'm in a composition class dealing with the Cello. Here's my third project for it.

EDIT: an introduction, so you know what I was shooting for:
The assignment was to write a piece that uses very limited pitch content, and what pitch content we use we are instructed to introduce slowly over time. In leu of pitch development as a driving point, we are instead told to focus on the developing of the overall texture of the piece. Thus the driving point is one of a gradual shift in mood and texture, and not any sort of melodic or harmonic development.


I would love any comments!
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I like it, but I think the main theme is a little too repetitive. If you could add a piano part on top of it with a melodic line as a counterpoint to the atonality of the cello part that could sound cool. Just a thought, but overall I like it.
Thanks for the reply! It had to be for a cello solo, unfortunately, to respond to your other issues, it'd be better if I just added an explanation to the OP