Ok, I recently started writing, and so far, I've written 2 songs for my girlfriend (and working on another) and a couple just about wanting to make a difference in the world. But when I try to write, those are the only things that really come to my mind.
So my question is, how can I think different stuff to write about? (Not too sure if my question makes sense lol)

thanks in advance

Really, that's the best advice you're going to get. Last night, i got late for my bus, so i had to go to the place that's about 5km away from my home, and i had to travel through the forest for 1h (it was about 1am), with only moon for the light. That gave me inspiration for the song.

Just go out, hang out with friends, and write down the subject as soon as you find some, so you dont forget.
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Break up with her and realize your difference-making is inconsequential.

If you want more songwriting opportunities, of course. Otherwise, stay as you are. If I had a choice between a happy relationship and great poetry, I know what I would choose in an instant.
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Great advice, but you can find inspiration anywhere. Try different techniques and keep writing writing writing. The likes of Bob Dylan didnt just pick up a guitar and write great songs. It takes time and practice.
What I do when I really can't think of anything to write about at all is just sit down and write everything going on in your life that you think is important, or anything you want to make a statement on. Write down things you love, things you hate, why you love and hate these things etc. I'm sure there will be a ton of different topics to write about.

If you truly can't find anything to write about after all this, I used to just take something small happening in my life and over dramatize everything about it, but I'd suggest trying the other way first, I never really liked this technique.
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