I got this laguna guitar http://www.guitarcenter.com/Laguna-LG-Series-LG4CEBUB-Cutaway-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar-515904-i1605249.gc
and the strings are a little high and it makes it kinda tough to play. I have read up on lowering the action of a guitar and about half say its easy and half say not to try because you'll screw up your guitar.

So I was wondering if anyone knew of a good guide to do it, or if i should just take it to a music store and let them do it.
nope not that i know of with a an acoustic...

Just think of this way high action guitars make your fingers STRONG!

then you can play low action ones like buttaa bread and hummas
By the way that guitar is Beautiful . Reminds me of my spalted exotica dean that i sold, only to raise money. Hmm I'm thinking about getting one of those now, after i get some cash from my summer job.
I like it a lot, and the tuner on the side is pretty accurate and really convenient, and its a very good looking guitar, i would definitly recommend it.