Hey guys.

I've had these two Marshall cabs given to me by my dad, since he no longer has need for them.
I have no clue what they are.

They're 2x12 cabs. 2 Celestion G12M speakers inside. There's also a crazy scrawling (guessing a quality check thing for production) in the bottom. These things aren't like the normal 2x12's I've seen.
I would show you some detailed pictures.... but I'm currently suffering from missing camera syndrome. All I have is this photo.


Anybody got any ideas of what they might be?

If anybody needs specific parts photographed, just say what and I'll find my camera.
they look like they might be marshall pa cabs.

but if there are guitar speakers in side hook em up.
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I've used them for my Marshall head. They work great.

I thought they might be PA cabs, but I wanted to know specifics.
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Any more help?
I haven't ever seen these anywhere else. Even after searching the net for a fair while, I've found nothing close to these.

Any Marshall enthusiasts have any ideas?