I currently have a fender strat and have been thinking that I would also like to get either a telecaster or a gibson es335. I had a little look around on the internet and going by the prices i found i wont be getting one for a long time...
from the manufacturer theyre in the thousands, ebay wasnt much better. does anyone know a cheaper place? im talking a few hundred, obviously doesnt have to be new.
I bought a MiM telecaster for like 500 a few years ago but other than ebay and checking pawn shops you're probably not going to find anything like that for so cheap.
nothing is ever really worth a "LOL" but i'll give this one. ES - 335 for a couple of hundered. You'd struggle to get an Epiphone for that!

I'll make this a bit more relevant... keep checking e bay. I just bought the BEST jap strat ever for a mega bargain. You seriously need to be looking at a lot more for a 335. Tele's are pretty cheap on e bay. Just keep your eyes peeled.
by a few hundred i mean up to a thousand really. i know its cheap but i just really cant afford one otherwise