Here's the song after one bad brake up (most of my songs actualy are made then).

It's about the peaks and the bottoms of the relationship.

It's one of my favorites, I wrote it a long time ago, but never had a chance to sing it.


Care for a walk, my dearest?

We've crossed the oceans.
Got our feet wet, with the liquid of emotions,
Blackened our tan, with color so nice,
While we watched the sun's morning rise.

We've walked on the sky.
With hands filled with clouds so light,
Got the sun above our heads,
And the winds whistling through our hair.

We've met the people.
We've looked into their souls,
Did them many favors, expected nothing in return,
Except the generosity, they were willing to learn.

While crossing the oceans,
We got the cold, with the shoes full of emotions,
Our blackened tan, and our burnt skin,
While the sun and it's evil smile dissapeared.

While walking on the sky,
The clouds got dark, the storm appeared,
The sun was out of touch, but so close,
While the winds of storm got dust in our eyes.

Many beautiful people,
With souls so dark,
We've made them see the light, that overthrough them,
While the pride grew inside us.

I'll walk alone, thank you.
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