Before I begin, let me start with saying that I am not a fan of this sort of music.

To that end, I will say that you have a pretty cool synth-driven sound going on. It's got some nice beats to it. The guitar playing had some cool parts, but was not always consistent. For example, it seems to me like the guitar just abruptly cuts out in "The Goddamn King Of Mexico."

As for the singing, it just annoyed me. Besides sounding too nasally and underpowered, it just seemed like he overused the world f***, often with no real particular reason other than to just use it in a song.

Finally, I'm not a huge fan of using penises for your band's text, but if that happens to be your thing don't let me stop you.
"Notes are expensive, spend them wisely." - B.B. King
Lmao I appreciate your critiques, and would probably agree with most of it lol. I'm actually a metal/punk guitarist with this being my solo side project. I also don't consider myself a great singer either so that didn't offend me lol. I take the music/beats alot more seriously than the lyrics, which I usually just try to make as ridiculous as possible. Mostly this is just something to entertain my friends and keep me occupied when I'm not working with my other bands.

Oh and yes i do rather enjoy overusing the word **** lol