Hello, I just purchased an Ampeg BA115HP today and was wondering if anyone had advice on what the safe limit is with the volume levels using an active bass (I'm using a Fender Deluxe J-Bass). I'm using the active bass jack (-15db) and it sounds good but to get it to be loud enough i have to have the gain on 8 or the master cranked up. Is this safe? Or do i run a chance of blowing the speakers with these settings?Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Your pickups are not going to damage the amp, and neither are they going to directly or indirectly lead to the amp being damaged. The speaker can handle the full output of the amp under any circumstance, and the amp circuitry itself can more than handle an active input. Running the amp at 10 all the time may shorten its lifespan, but that's got nothing to do with the bass or the speaker and everything to do with the intended use. If you've got to turn it that high all the time you might want to look into a bigger amp.