So here it is, Im moving to an apartment. I dont need 120 watts of pure EVH death in my Arlington high rise, and with the advent of micro tube volume being toally doable stage wise these days, I feel like it might be time to part with the old beast.

I have a 1990's era 5150. I figure in its condition its worth 500-750ish, (am I wrong here, you tell me)

I love the blues, classic rock, modern alternative some classic, early metal. My shredding days are passing me by.

Looking to a straight trade. What are someoptions out there in micro Tube wattage. Here's my criteria list.

1. Needs to be portable
2. Quiet and yet not sound like crap
3. Gigable for small bars and clubs
4. Easily portable.
5. Tough

Here's some that I have tried. Tiny Terror, Egnator Rebel, Class Five Jet City 333.

any advice?
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Honestly, a vypyr 3O might be perfect... Although I wouldn't do a straight up trade, lol
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