Nice besides the recording quality like you said. I really like your style especially the extended 5th chord you did along with some other weird, but cool sounding chords, I'm a big a fan of using those. You have a lot of different ideas all in the one song which is pretty cool, its not the same 2 or 3 things played over and over again. I know you said the tone sucks, but what amp do you have? Also I could do the drums, but do you have a DAW?
Yeah this is definitely suffering without a backing track, without it, it just seems like a bunch off riffs barely tied together, but it's got potential. Start thinking about working with a DAW like that guy said so you can effectively record over backing tracks, and also getting an interface so you can record your guitar more effectively (after that you can either choose to go DI or mic'ed amp, in your case, i wouldn't ever mic the amp your using now). This is a little off topic but some parts are preformed a bit sloppy, so you may want to go through this song a few times a bit slower to refine it a bit.
i don't have a DAW ;_;, and i don't have a mic either, but i'm seriously considering getting one
all good ideas, especially the DAW. there are some out there that are pretty inexpensive, but i cant really think of any off the top of my head. i have been using ableton for a while and havent had the need to look for any.

all your riffs sound good, but maybe instead of new riff after new riff, find a part or come up with a ew part that gives the song a little flow and continuity while still being an exciting piece of guitar music.

if you are going to play all of your recordings in the same style as this, i would recommend a metronome through an earpiece or something. im not a perfectionist or anything, so your performance sounded fine, but for the well trained ear, they may be able to find things ive missed.

i hope what i had to say was helpful. keep on rocking and please send me a crit. my music is in my sig, and just comment on the soundcloud page or right on my profile. thanks.
Yeah man I'd have to agree with everyone else if you don't want to spend to much I'd look into getting a Pod. I've had pretty good results with mine and its a great tool to get ideas down. You had some cool riffs in there I'd like to hear it more refined, pick and chose what works best together and try recording with a click. It will really help work out any rhythm issues.
Hey man I really like your style. But I really think in order to get your ideas out it would be good to invest in an audio interface of some sort, you can get decent tones out of them. You can record your guitar, bass, and even vocals through it. Then I would get a program such as ezdrummer or addictive drums to record your drum backing track. This would make it sound a lot more complete. I really like what I hear with the guitars but having drums and bass would put even more emphasis on your amazing playing!
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