Hey UG,

I've got a Mesa/Boogie Rectifier Recording Preamp that I connect to a Tech21 Power Engine 60 and use it primarily as a practice rig. I am the only guitarist in my band, and I have been playing around with the idea of using two amps at larger venues in order to get a fuller tone.

Naturally, I don't feel like the Tech21 Power Engine will really cut it for live playing so I am looking at Tube Power Amps in the 50W range to run my Rectifier through. I have seriously considered getting a used Mesa/Boogie 2:Fifty off of Ebay, but have two questions:

1. What are some good Tube Power Amps in the 50W range for a budget of around $1,500?

2. With the 2:Fifty, I know that it is stereo but you can run it in mono if the other volume knob is completely turned off. However, I have heard that there is some way to dummy load the speaker output to prevent the Power Amp from frying if someone accidentally turns the volume knob up. How exactly would I create such a dummy load?


I am looking for a 50W Power Amp that I can run in Mono.
"Notes are expensive, spend them wisely." - B.B. King
As much as I dislike doing this...

"Notes are expensive, spend them wisely." - B.B. King
With $1500 you can afford pretty much any power amp. I paid £300 for my Marshall EL34 50/50

With a bunch of power amps they run monobloc its called I think. So I essentially have 2 50 watt power amps in one unit. Only part that is shared is the power source.

Just have a look around what you might like, its more taste of tube type, wattage, price and availability, the VHT/Fryette one is highly regarded along with those QSC? i think solid state ones.

And the easiest way to create a dummy load is just attach a speaker cab, I looked into it before, it doesnt look like something even someone fairly experienced with electronics should attempt to do.
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Hey Bigaxmax is right try to find the Vht fifty-2-fifty I have two in my studio the blow the Marshall away. but since you already have the boogie try one of those too and they are easy to work on, and i'm sure boogie will sound good on boogie.