hey guys whats up, i currently have a budget of 1000$

i own a Epi Les Paul, Line 6 Spider 4 15w and a Digitech RP355

i was wondering if i should buy this and a new guitar (probably a Fender Players Deluxe) or buy a good tube amp (like a Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister 18w head, or something of that nature)

im asking because im trying to get the biggest bang for my buck

BTW...if i shouldnt get this amp and get some other amp...recommend me your thoughts. Also, whatever amp you recommend has to be somewhat easily transportable, because i'd have to carry it up stairs...alot of stairs lol. I basically play any genre under the sun, so anything from good cleans, to high gains, im not picky....IF i did have to pick between the two tho, i'd rather have good cleans

thanks guys
dont buy the 100 watt. buy the 60 watt one with tubes, or an all tube amp