I have a a vox ad50 vt, an ibanez ts9 and a boss bd2 and im starting to play gigs now so im contemplating a new amp. I play alot of blues and classic rock and i play in an alt rock band. right now i have around 800$ but i dont want to buy used and im open to selling my vox. My main question is my vox loud enough for gigging ? and is it worth dealing with my current budget or go up till i have like 2 grand for a full stack ?
any opions and suggestions will be greatly appreciated
more info on your styles, specifically what bands you play or sound like?
also, what guitar do you have?
i have an epiphone les paul with 57 classic and classic plus , i play alot of srv,john mayer, led zep and alter bridge
Plenty of really awesome used Fenders become available at that price. Poke around ebay and look it up. John Mayer used them before switching to Two Rock, and they were SRV's main amp.
those are 4 pretty different styles.
which do you see yourself mainly playing?
the cleans or the alter bridge-esque distorted sounds?

youll have a hard time finding an amp to do both great, so which is more your style?
well i want a useable clean , it doesnt need to be fender sparkly but still good, but the overdrive is very important but i also like boosting an overdrive to get to metal sounds so i dont really need an amp that has the brootalz lol but i want good od crunch and a good clean
and with regards to any fender amp i find that the overdrive sound for like aclassic rock tone even with a pedal is very lack luster , i dont want something totally one dimensional
peavey vypyr tube?
could get a 1x12 thats 60 watts, or a 2x12 thats 120 watts in your price range.
great modeling technology and could easily do all the sounds you want.
see what others say also, as i'm no expert.
Quote by canuckboss
vyper tube wont sound much better than what i have now itll be louder but thats it

have you played one with either of your guitars?

may want to check into the Jet City amps, also.
ive played the vyper tube, i dont think modelling is the right way to go , jet city is an option