[Aus] FS: Strymon, Wobo, HSS scratchplate: free express shipping Australia-wide!

Up for sale:

Strymon Orbit Flanger, excellent condition with box and box candy, one very small graze in line with the full-stop after Strymon down the bottom of the pedal. This flanger is freaking incredible. Basically you have your ADA flanger and MXR grey box flanger in one (the linear and logarithmic modes respectively) and a thru-zero mode which is kinda like a howling wind behind your signal. As well as that, you have both positive and negative feedback options, as well as a cool positive and negative feedback combination unique to Strymon. And you also have a mix knob - handy for when you want to dial in just a little bit of flange. But yeah, I feel that this pedal really excels in the grey box flange department - sounds absolutely incredible with distortion; the clarity is amazing. Can't believe I'm selling this baby, but I need money for cables . Here's more info: http://www.deluxeguitars.com.au/strymon-orbit.asp

I'll let her go for $300 express shipped.

Wobo Buffer/Booster in excellent condition, no box. The name says it all. This box provides an always-on buffer that drives your signal through long cable (and pedalboard) runs and allows you to regain some of that top-end loss you experience when using a pedalboard with many pedals (especially if a lot of them are true-bypass). Along with the always-on buffer comes a +35db flat transparent booster. This thing gets LOUD when you crank it. Accepts 9VDC adapter only. Looking for $60 express shipped for this.

HSS Strat scratchplate in pearloid. 3 ply - front pearloid, middle white, back black. Bought this for a project that never panned out. Still has the protective plastic over it, and the original sales sticker. And this is a good quality scratchplate; not like the crappy ones you find on eBay. Bought it from Nepean Music for $40, looking for $15 express shipped for it.

Pickup is in Melbourne, near Monash Uni Clayton. Give us a yell if you have any questions.