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This is potentially a really stupid idea for a thread, but oh well.

How do you go about tuning your instrument? Or rather, how many ways can you? After playing for about 5 years, I know what an open strum sounds like (EADGBE), although sometimes I'll play a fifth chord on each string if I'm off (easier than doing the fifth fret thing for me). I've seen people do this to perfect pitch and it kind of blows my mind. I suppose if you've been playing for long enough this makes sense, but for now I ballpark it.

inb4 "I use a tuner" and "with the tuning pegs, one string at a time"
I usually tune the low E by ear (incorrectly) and then use a combination of natural harmonics and tuning in fourths to get the rest of the strings. Except the B string, because he's a dick.
No matter what type of guitar I'm playing, I HAVE to drop the low E string...then I go from there
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I use a tuner, or another instrument to get an E, then I tune by fifths, except the B string.
With a tuner, because human ears aren't perfect.
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I tie knots on the strings until they're at the right pitch.
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With a lot of frustration.

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*randomly turns tuning keys"

"That's good enough"
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It's kinda stupid but I usually tune the low E first and I test it by playing the riff to Guerrilla Radio. Then I just do the fifth-fret deal. That or I use my tuner.

Haha that's awesome.

Sure, human ears aren't perfect, but sometimes they're good enough.

If I'm recording something, I'll use a tuner of course.
6 string sweeps.

that is all.
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Tuner... I actually do it kinda weird. I start with the low E, then high, E, A, B, D, G. Then start back at the high E and descend to check if they are all intune.
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With a lot of frustration.


I feel ya there. I'm in the same boat.
Huh, I turn the peg thingies till the guitar makes a cool sound, oh wait, until I break all my strings and warp my neck actually. On a serious note I usually tune with harmonics (I play bass and guitar) or tuner... or I just don't tune... I don't tune until I hear it sounds out of tune which means its probably more than a semitone off.
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By tuner if on stage or with other musicians around. If not, even tempered by tuning to find the middle ground so that the 4ths and 5ths between each string are equally in/out of tune. It's as close as you can get to perfect, but only worth it if you have a few extra seconds to tune.
Tuner or the E-5, A-5, D-5, G-5, B-4 fret method.
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My Line 6 kicks ass and has a tuner built in!!!!!!!!!!

ok.. maybe it doesn't kick ass but you get the idea.
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Does anybody remember that thread by Airship or someone like that where they thought they'd discovered a well kept secret about the 5th string thing? That thread was hilarious.
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If it's a quick tune just so I can play around with it while doing something else, then the fifth fret method. Or if one string is slightly off, I'll do that too. If I'm doing a proper tune, I use a tuner.
perfect pitch, mother****ers

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I usually turn the pegs so that they face the same direction

That's how I restring my guitar. I make sure all the pegs and holes face the same direction, but they never end up that way.
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Does anybody remember that thread by Airship or someone like that where they thought they'd discovered a well kept secret about the 5th string thing? That thread was hilarious.

I remember. It was up there with whammying without a whammy bar.
#35're supposed to tune it?....
Plug bass into tuner
Turn key
Fine tune
Got it

Next string
Turn key
Fine tune
Got it

Next string
Turn key
Fine tune
Got it

Next string
Turn key
Fine tune
Got it

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a lot of times i get the low E by ear when switching from Drop D. and just hit a E5 chord to make sure. or hit a low D5 when switching TO Drop D. For everything else I use a tuner. My ear is not that good

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With a tuner when I can. If I don't have it or can't be assed to use it I ballpark the low E then use harmonics for the adg then 4th fret g for b then harmonic for high e.
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Tune the low E, then go by octaves except for G and use the normal method of tuning. If it takes 5 or more minutes, I say "**** it" and use a tuner or YouTube. A way to check if I'm in tune if if I play a song in whatever tune it's at, and I double check with the aforementioned methods.

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