Ok i know nothing about these and only have recently started running with pedals.
I dont have room for running multiple adapters so i turn to you guys.
I see there is stuff that are like blocks you plug into? I would preferably want something that is like 1 plug that has multiple adapters on it, is there anything like this?
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Isn't the 1-Spot like this? The fancy pedalboards I believe have something along the lines you're looking for, I think Roadrunner makes one.
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There is the 1spot daisy chains. There are other options too like the Voodoo Labs pedal power or the BBE supa charger which is what I think you meant by the "blocks you plug into."
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1-spot is the most cost effective way to go about it. i've powered 10 or so pedals with one 1-spot and no issues. you can upgrade to a dunlop or voodoo labs brick and have less noise, but in practical use it's not a big difference.
Take note:

The Pedal Power+ is NOT a daisy chain. It is significantly different in that it has separate transformers (or probably a bunch of secondary windings) that isolate the outputs, which eliminates the possibility of ground loops, and is also pretty noiseless.

You can actually daisy chain with any adapter, although the one-spot is particularly suited for it because its rated at 1.7a, which is enough to power a lot of pedals, if not all of them.

What you need to make sure of before you make a decision on your power section:
Are all your pedals capable of being powered by 9v?
Will the supply you choose be able to provide enough current?
Is everything powered by DC?
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