Hey guys i have a Synyster Custom Guitar that is around 4-5 years old. It has been played quite often since i was a starter. There was once i brought it to a shop for my action for a set-up. Right after that i felt that my guitar was quite harder to play, as it was higher on the frets up.

I have problems hearing the higher fret notes when playing fast. The action is awesome on the lower frets, but on the higher frets up it is higher and it really is annoying to play on as i cant hear my notes playing fast on the CLEAN Channel. However it is audible on the DISTORTION Channel.

I have tried my friend's guitar and it is alot more audible than mine and i notice that it produces ALOT less excess noise on the higher frets when sweep picking. And also playnig fast on clean is alot more audible.

Here i have another problem

My floyd rose bridge's allen key nut is also faulty, as i cant turn it anymore with an allen key. It seems that the nut is already worn out.

Having said that, the guitar is really pretty old and i am actually intending to fix it and get a new guitar of my own.

Any recommendation for a better guitar guys? Im playing metal music and jazz.

Thanks guys! Sorry for the long annoying post but im pretty much annoyed by the problems of my guitar.
- Randy

Guitars naturally break down over time... 4-5 years is a little sad though, probably don't go for a Schecter again. As for the string height problem, probably a lousy tech. Setting up Floyd Rose's properly is no easy feat to be honest, and be sure in the future to state clearly to the tech or luthier exactly how you want it set up.

As for a future guitar... Nobody can really tell you what YOU want. The best method I get from students and friends is to use user reviews to get an idea what your looking for but actually get your hands and play the instruments before you purchase them. Look into Ibanez or ESP for quality metal instruments, PRS custom 24's is also very good for metal if you have the money. For Jazz instruments, anything hollow-bodied. The only guitar I know of that can handle both those genres and well, is a PRS Hollow Body II. Guy from Daath uses one I believe. I hope I offered some help, and good luck Sir.

- Adam