I have a jackson js32rt dinky guitar and a marshall mg10cd amp. I am looking for a distortion pedal just to give me a more crunchy Metallica or Megadeth sound maybe. Im not sure what to buy but i can spend about $100 to $130 or less. whatever it would cost. Does anyone have any suggestions?
distortion pedal isn't going to do a thing for you if you're going to play it through that amp
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EHX Metal Muff. The big version. Don't use the micro or the nano, there's no controls.

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thanks guys. and dont worry im getting a new better amp soon enough! How much would the pedal cost?
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Metallica and MegaDeath are crunchy?

No, they're thin, warm and clean.

You're a fucking idiot.
Sell the amp, and use the money to fund a better amp. Try to find a used Vox Valvetronix perhaps.
I understand you'll get a new amp soon but I would consider holding off on a distortion pedal until you do. Put that money towards an amp. A pedal will make ZERO difference out of the MG and you may find that you don't need a pedal when you get a new amp and love its tone.
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No, they're thin, warm and clean.

You're a fucking idiot.

Oh really now?

Crunchy would be like...classic rock, to me, basically, define crunchy, to me, metal is anything but crunchy, it's heavy as shit, and punchy.

Also, that was very rude.