JediRabbit here. I'm pretty sure this is my first post. I'm a big Beatles, especially the later, more Rock Oriented Beatles. I was scrolling through my IPod and I found I had anthology 3 on there. As Hey Jude us one of my favorite songs ever, I decided to listen to it. The demo is great, but what intrigued me was the little thing Paul songs at the beginning "When I was a Robber... You lead me to your sweet embrace". Does anyone know if that is another song by the Beatles, because I liked that alot. Please let me know.
Keep Rocking
The intro ("From the heart of the black country: When I was a robber in Boston place You gathered round me with your fine embrace") was spoken by John and Paul. "Boston place" (mentioned by Paul) is a small London street where The Beatles' company Apple had just installed an electronics laboratory. In a more familiar scene, Boston Street was that street in which The Beatles ran for the title sequence of their film A Hard Day's Night. John spoke of the "Black Country," which was the name of the old smoke-stack industrial region in the middle of England. This introduction can be heard on the version included on The Beatles Anthology 3.