Hey guys, my tonepros TOM bridge on my hellraiser is buzzing like crazy. Any ideas on how I can fix this?
i wish i could be more specific. i have gazed into this thing for hours and can't seem to spot the problem, i use dean markley elevens if that matters. Like when i strum my strings the bridge vibrates creating this annoying buzzing sound
sounds like fret buzz.. lol
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it's probably the little retainer spring that holds the saddles in place.

it's pretty common on some lesters.

post pics of said TOM.
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im actually have the same problem on my schecter, theres a buzzing noise on the open A and F (drop c) and it sounds like its the bridge and not fret buzz
i know its an old thread, but i finally figured this thing out. It was coming from two areas, my ground wire on the bridge, and my neck pickup was actually buzzing two. I re-soldered my ground wire and jammed a 2mm pick in between the pickup and ring. worked like a charm
Yeah I was also going to suggest the pickup cause my LTD also had this "issue". Glad you solved it.
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