Talking about my band won't let you form any legitimate opinions about us, so here is a link to our music.

A brief history:

Current lineup -
Doug Johnson - Guitar
Corwin Deckard - Lead Guitar
Niko Albanese - Drums
Dimitri Kalpakidis - Vocals
Evan Pruitt - Bass

We originally formed back in 2008 under the name of Pariah. Our starting lineup consisted of 3 guitarists, a bass player/vocalist, and a drummer. That lineup didn't last long and soon we were down to two guitarists and we on the prowl for a vocalist. After going through several months of searching, we finally found our savior in Dimitri Kalpakidis. With Dimitri leading us on vocals we soon made our name locally and began to establish ourselves.

Since then, we have gone through one more lineup change. Very recently Doug Johnson joined the band as a replacement guitarist and has helped to boost the bands rhythm section higher than it ever was before. With the addition of Doug, a new name, and a new image, a full length studio album is in production and should hopefully be out by midsummer. The video posted above is a preview single from that album.

More information can be found at http://www.purevolume.com/Thanasphere and very soon, at our website-in-development, www.Thanasphere.com
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Thanks a bunch. We happened to find a good quality studio in town owned by the bass player of a band we play with from time to time. Miraculously it's only $25/hour.
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Looking forward to playing with you guys at Rhino's.

Definitely looking forward to it. It's bound to be a great night. You and betrayed with a kiss both have awesome styles.

And as far as tone is concerned on the songs, it's better on the remastered version and is bound to improve with the addition of our newest guitarist. On the current recordings it's all me on the same amp so when Doug records his parts with his tone, it's going to fatten things up.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!
Updated logo coming very very soon as well as a photoshoot and music video. Iffin' y'all was wundrin.