I've been getting into bass playing more and more when my guitar gear isen't here, and I've been starting to work with more distorted bass tones for supporting my heavy distorted mixes, and it seems to be working rather well. I've recently found the joy of just playing straight up bass guitar in a mix by itself with drums and such.

I can only run my bass guitar DI, so idk if my tone is too harsh or what an actual good distorted bass tone should sound like. So, if you could listen to this little quick recording I made of me playing a quick jam on the bass guitar and tell me where I need to improve on, playing wise, and tone wise.


It doesn't completely suck, I promise.
I actually love that. I think it's probably too harsh to be considered really good by most listeners, but it's incredibly cool. Got that industrial growl thing going.
Sounds pretty good by itself, but you'll have to try it in a mix because I reckon it'll dissappear.

But no way of knowing until you try.
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I enjoyed that tone. Now im going to go mess around with my pedal...
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Wow, I didn't think I was gona get many positive responses. There's actually a clean bass in the background because running it straight up was actually way to thin. I'm using a Guitar VST amp sim, the Poulin LexTac, and it takes out some lows with the distortion.
Sounds great it much better than mine IMO.
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raise the level of the clean signal a bit and it will be great imo

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