Hey guys, this is just a take of me going direct to my interface then using reaper to add some fx.

I'm curious as to what others think of the tone (as exuberantly warm as it is) and the writing. Also, try not to fall asleep when you listen

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Firstly, I'd like to say sorry for the late reply.

Wow this is a very interesting song/idea. VERY atmospheric, exactly the sort of music I like. What chords are you using? They don't sound familiar to me. I like the tone, but its maybe a bit too bassy at some points. Is this all on guitar? I think you could maybe put some other textures in there like a second guitar part or some electronic sounds, just so that there are other things to listen to.

I'm not sure whether I'd say to turn this into a song or to keep it as a standalone segment like this. It could maybe be an interlude in an album? Great job anyway and I look forward to hearing the full idea.

Thanks for the feedback on my song btw!!
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Wow, this is pretty cool. I like ambient music. Dunno the meaning of the title tho lol. It's very well done. Of course, it could have shifted shape a bit in the middle to keep it interesting

Thanks for reviewing mine btw. Maybe we could collaborate on something, hit me up
The intro is very good. Beautiful note choices. Nice sound. Didn't like the strummed chords with the deeper notes on first listening but who maybe after a few listens...