Okay, there's this "tone," that gives me the heebyjeebies.

I don't know how to explain it, the sound of close to "bit," music, old video game music, etc.

Listen here to lead guitar:


and here's just another example of the "tone/sound," i would like to obtain.


It's the lead part over all of it. It sounds kind of "airy," i guess?

I'm just curious if it's strictly a tone, or you know..some part of some scale in some key or something like that.
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its mostly eqed to get the proper sound while using the neck pickup or the bridge pickup with the tone down. There are all kinds of bit crusher fuzzes out there that could emphasize the sound you might be looking for. FX Doctor makes a cool one, check out fuzz hugger as well. Plus you have to look at other factors in the recording process that give a lot of these tones. You can get great tone with out being too slick with the sound.