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Alright so I know a lot of you guys might hate on me probably because this is not particularly anything groundbreaking or "different" but if at least one person on this forum likes what I'm making then that's good enough for me!

I mainly wanted to post this here to get some advice on my songs, I currently have three that are up, and I think that they turned out pretty good (my favorite is Overpass). But any and all criticism/tips are welcome, even if you just say "you suck" lol.

I am by no means a good producer/mixer/master...er I just got my POD about 5 months ago and still am very very noob at recording so tips on that would be awesome as well.

I use an Ibanez RG7321 (Drop B tuning) as well as EZDrummer with the Metalheads add-on (with a replaced snare and kick). For synths I use poizone and for bass (other than in Verbatim) I played it using a shitty Fender beginner bass (one of the ones that comes with like a 15watt amp and is for beginners).

Oh, and I have no idea if that's the right genre classification for what this is, so don't get offended if it's wrong or whatever

Thanks for checking it out and hopefully some of you will like it! If not oh well...

tl;dr lemme know what you think!
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there's a promote your band forum where you can post this.

Yeah but I thought I would get better responses in this forum because there is a better chance that people in this sub forum will like it/listen to it/give it a chance haha.

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Pretty good shit.

Thanks haha glad you liked it