I need a good bass line to perform to some judges for a contest im doing at school ani ideas with what i can do.
hey mate,
i dont know what kind of music you're in to, and i havent played bass in years.
but id say check out the band Sick Puppies. their songs "Master of the universe", "Cancer","Anywhere but here" or "Should've known better" have some pretty sweet bass lines. master of the universe is particularly good.

theres probably alot better lines out there, but good luck to you.
what kind of contest? i would just do some improv slap or taping piece if its some kind of talent show.
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Pink Floyd - Breathe
Pink Floyd - Money

Awesome bass lines, and the teachers should know it too
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thanks i play more rock
and i love the older stuff
guns and roses ect
and replying to the_pedestrian i am soooo poor at slap but trying to work on it
i mean i dont like iron maiden that much but i check out some megadeth and i relly liked that
If your into rock maybe give a band called BRMC a listen, there a three piece so the songs with bass have some pretty prominent bass lines. Songs like As sure as the Sun, White Palms, Spread your Love, Stop, Shows about to Begin have some pretty big sounding bass riffs
Perhaps a cover of a popular song with lots of bass licks?

Youtube search "Jon Paul Bassist"
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