Hello TG!

I've been playing on and off for roughly 6 years, self taught, acoustic fingerstyle (Hero worship Trace Bundy)

I have no performance (stage/street) experience other than playing in front of friends and family, I'm going to college in September to study music and I'm going to get out busking soon!

I think when my guitar playing was in its infancy I developed a psychological niggle I can't seem to shake!

When playing/learning I'm a perfectionist, it just has to sound right (covers etc).
My problem is; as soon as I press record, my mind goes blank, my hands shake like Bambi and ****-up whatever it is I'm trying to play. x

I think it's from when I started playing, to just try and show something new I'd learnt it would always be the same process: record, mistake, stop, repeatx100.
Winding myself up because I knew I could play it better than I was, in the end I'd just give in to frustration and stop altogether.

I think it might just be an old (and very bad) habit that I need to get over!

Any advice/input will be greatly appreciated! (Sarcasm included) x

Thankyou! x
I had the exact same problem, which musical education kind of forced me to get over. You just have to kind of immerse yourself in performance day after day and eventually you get used to that shot of adrenaline you get from performing.

Also, I know this sounds cliched but practicing a performance piece over and over until you are sick of it and can play it in your sleep is a good way to beat nerves. If you can play it without having to think about it then when your mind goes blank you'll have nothing to worry about.

TL;DR Perform more, practice more.
I have a similar problem when recording. Well, I don't get nervous, but I always think the next take can be better. This eats away time, and I really need to learn how to draw the line and say, "That's good enough!!".