Hello UG,

I got an offer from a friend to buy his Marshall JCM 900 4×12 cabinet.
The cab is used a lot and toured with. Few albums are recorded with it.
The leather is pretty worn down. And the tolex has his few flaws. BUT the sound is still really good. He wants 400 euro's for it.

I've got a Hartke GT412 4×12 cabinet. It looks brand new and i'm not disappointed by it sound at all. I'm pretty happy with it and wasn't thinking about changing it. I Compared both cabs with each other with my own amp with different settings and different kinds of music styles. The difference isn't THAT much but with higher gain the hartke tends to crackle more and the marshall stays clean. Also the marshall has a more warmer more 'surrounding' overall sound and the hartke tends to be a bit 'trebly'

But now i'm doubting to buy the marshall cab because maybe it's a nice chance to get a good cab for not that much money. But i don't really need it. I mostly just play at home and not with a really high volume. And I'm not dissappointed about my own cab. Even though i know the marshall is better. I'm wondering if the money is worth the upgrade. Also I know i probably won't own it for about 10 years or so since i might like another cab more and because of it outside flaws. And I can pay it but I could use the money for other things..

So UG, should i keep the hartke and save the money for other things i have on my wishlist? Or is this a chance i should take?
i'd dump the hartke honestly.
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