Hello everyone .I live in Bangladesh. And here price of every musical instrument is so high. Rolands 40xls price in here is $350 but it's international price is only $200 . So for that i can only afford 40xl not more than that. I heard good review about this amp. But is this amp is loud enough for practicing metal with drums in a small room.
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I'd imagine it would be. My Marshall 15DFX is plenty loud for punk and metal in rehearsals. I don't know how it would cope with gigs, but rehearsals should never be so loud that 15 watts or higher of an amp won't do the trick.
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are you saying 15 watt amp is enough for stand with drums or marshall amp is really loud then other amps.
Try it and see. Depends on your drummer, the room, any other instruments being used etc etc. I wouldn't want to risk it. Since it'll sound awful if it does start to distort.