i really want to sing the songs i have been writing but i think i really am not the best at singing. I want to sing so bad and express how i feel but i don't no how to do that without being kicked out of the room. is there a way i can make my voice sound good? Is that what singing lessons are for? I don't want to take singing lessons if it won't change my terrible singing voice into a awesome pretty voice. will lessons help change that?
My unproved opinion is, that if you can sing in tune in your head, but not with your voice (and knowing that you can't) then you can learn to sing. It's like learning to walk, you must practice and learn to use the muscles that have to do with singing correctly. I'm not bad at singing, but still, if I needed to jump over an octave when singing, I would miss it a bit.
I've heard (from my father =P who is singer with professional training) that anyone who isn't tonedeaf can sing, although ranges will vary from person to person. Very few people are tonedeaf and if you can play guitar, then you are likely not tonedeaf. Therefore, you can sing! Your range might not be huge but you can expand it up to a point. As with most things it just takes practice.
thanks both of you! but what if you think your voice is annoying when you sing? could the lessons fix that to?
It could just be insecurities. I know I sound horrible when I sing but everyone else says otherwise. It could be you're holding yourself back by thinking you're annoying/bad.
anyone can learn to sing "better" with practice (barring people that are outright tone-deaf)

I'm proof of this. I used to suck. Now I suck less. (no homo)
Are you better at playing the guitar than you were 6 months after you started? I'm guessing so.. Can you speak better than when you uttered your first words? I would like to think so. Will you sing better after years of practice? Yup.
In all honesty, a few years ago I never really bothered singing. I never really thought it was because I was bad at it, but because it didnt really cross my mind alot. It may sound lame but the way I got serious into singing is when i started playing rockband and doing really good on singing in it. Another thing that may sound lame is that whenever I'm driving and listening to the radio, Ill turn it loud and sing along with it. I dont really have much self confidence in myself so thats why I make it loud, making it more realistic. If its not loud Im not gonna sing loud.
Try to pronouce my last name...
If you want to sing just make sure you learn proper breathing techniques.
and that's all you really need to become a good rock singer.

Ronnie James Dio never learnt to sing, he know how to breath because he played the french horn
There is a vocal forum on this site, check it out!

And yes, everyone who is musical enough to play guitar and doesn't have some sort of damage or disability done to their throat and vocal cords can learn to sing!
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Singing is just like any other instrument. Any one who puts their mind to can learn it if they so wish.