any of you guys know if these lowend priced units are any good?Thinking about getting a Tele copy for playing in the house. Is it better than a Squier?
SX I've rarely heard anyhting positive about - but Agile gets much love on these forums, and is def better than Squier.
I get mine soon, I'll let you know on the SX tele
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Agiles are really heavily praised because of how cheap they are and they seem like good guitars. SX guitars seem ok. Cheap hardware here and there but you get what you pay for. It would be a good guitar to mod.
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SX guitars are great starter mod guitar nothing else.

On the other hand the Agiles are great guitars for the price though I'd recommend a pup and electronics swap.
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Thats what i was hoping.I figure if i get a decent neck and body it would be a great mod candidate.Heck i cant buy a new Mighty Mite neck and body for 125 bucks with paint already! My next problem is should i get a standard 2 pup tele style or the 3 pup nashville style tele.
I just got mine today. I'm really really surprised at the quality of the whole thing. Really nice. It also came set up perfectly
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My first guitar was an SX strat copy. Great first guitar, decently made. But has a thin tone. I keep it out of sentimentality.
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It's a shame we can't get SX guitars in the UK for as dirt cheap as you Americans. They look like great guitars to mod.

My friends getting an 8 string with EMG'S, a Floyd and a hard case for little over £500

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I got a Epi Dot Studio but i want a SX Telecopy so i can get that clean country sound for when im feeling a little more country.LOL The bucker on my dot wont give me the cleans a single coil will.
Very high quality. I own an Agile 7 string (Explorer style, licensed floyd) and it's better than all my other guitars. With any other guitar you can find under $700, they always have the shitty "Lo-Pro" bridges, they're much less stable and you can't do a lot of the floyd tricks (chirps and stuff). The agiles come with floyds styled after the Floyd standards. Not sure about the sx guitars, but if it's a guitar, it's a decent deal for $50.
I've got an AL-2000 that came to me via a trade - it's a sweet instrument. Upgraded with GFS pickups so it sounds aweseome. I was VERY surprised at the level of quality given that it's a $225 guitar.

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SX are just good for modifying, not really much else. Agile on the other hand are fantastic for what you pay for them. My Interceptor Pro has been nothing short of amazing, and especially for what I paid for it (only $680) its better than guitars i've played twice its price
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I got a slim neck AL2k in honey sunburst. The finish is off in some places. Needed fretwork out of the box. The fretwire they use is also pretty iffy. The wound E-D strings have carved out shallow notches on the frets. The bridge TOM bridge isn't solid either, because the saddles are loose and move about when I bend.

Not really major complaints. I hear most mid-range, low-end guitars usually need fretjobs and rattling TOM's are common?

All in all for ~220 USD it's not too bad.
Agile have made quite a name for themselves with their cheap guitars, particulary in the 7 and 8 string world. I wouldn't mind having an Agile but in Australia its easier to buy an Ibanez or Shecter or similar brand as no-one in Australia sells them and that mean's having to import it from America.
But I'm interested, very deeply, in their 9 string models. Like, 9 string as in not just courses, I mean 9 string eight-isn't-enough-so-lets-make-one-with-nine 9 string guitars. I've never seen anything like it. They're about $600-$700 US if I recall. I can't remember any bands that use them, except for maybye some on youtube.
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Jesus, I'm tempted! Do they not ship to the UK?

Yeah, for about $90 postage and you're required to buy a hardcase.
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Yeah, for about $90 postage and you're required to buy a hardcase.
Ahhh, stop your complaining. I just did a little calculating to see how shipping prices for Canada, US, UK and Australia stack up against each other.

If you ship an $800 Agile with a $65 hardcase to Newport, Vermont (basically right on the US/Can border, and on the shortest route to the border from the Agile facility), shipping is $32 USD

Now, if you were to fly that all the way to Aberystwyth, UK using postcode SY23 4DZ (somewhere out of the way from a major center), shipping increased to $120 USD. This price actually remains uniform throughout the UK, from London to Ballycastle to Fraserburgh.

I move that shipping address again to Yulara, AUS using postcode 0872, shipping increases again to $189 USD. Going to Sydney using 2126, this drops to $162 USD. A hefty price, don't you think?

Let's go back to the first example. Remember how shipping to the border town of Newport was about $32? Well, the next closest town to Newport on the other side of the border is Sherbrooke, Quebec. As soon as you change the shipping address from one side of the border to the other, using J1C 0A1, shipping skyrockets to...wait for it...


Using a couple more Canadian cities as examples, using V7P 2L0 as a postal code for Vancouver, BC shipping drops slightly to $210.99. Keep in mind that this is on the very west coast of Canada. Using the polar opposite of this address we move to St. Johns, Newfoundland, using code A1E 2Y2, Shipping becomes $223.95.

And finally, I type in my own postal code for a small town of 7,000 people, about 320 miles from the nearest Wal-Mart and McDonalds for perspective. The town of Happy Valley Goose Bay, Labrador. Using the postal code of A0P 1E0, I do the final shipping recalculation. Using FedEx International Economy actually turns out a $256 shipping cost. Now this may seem like a lot, and frankly it is. But when compared to the ground shipping of $293.83, it is obviously the best choice in my case.

And in case you didn't notice already, I own an Agile Septor Elite 727, with the same $65 hard case. My final shipping cost was $242.76. So as and end to my incredibly long rant, I'd like to say that however illogical it is, Canada is the country that really gets shafted on shipping from the US, not Europe and AU.

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That Is Some Steep Shipping Costs! And Doesnt Have To Cross The Ocean Either!