Hello all. I'm currently running an Epiphone Les Paul Studio with stock PUPs, through a 6505+.

I've been thinking my next upgrade will be the pickups, at least the bridge pickup for starters. My local store carries Dimarzio pickups, and I'd like to support them if possible. I've been on Dimarzio's site, checking out all of the pickups, and listening to the sound bytes for each.

To be honest, I don't think the sound clips they have tell me anything. They are clips from various artists running different guitars and different rigs - it doesn't really tell me what the pickup does for the sound. (I'd have to hear the same riffs on the same rigs, only stock pups vs. the Dimarzio ones, if that makes sense.)

I've been looking at the Crunch Lab and D Sonic pups, since I always downtune a whole step. Assuming that my stock pups are crappy, what could I expect to hear from either of the Dimarzio pups?

FYI - I play a lot of metal, focusing more on rhythm playing than lead, but still do leads from time to time. I use quite a bit of gain, and a more scooped-mid sound.

But I do like to play bluesy stuff at times as well...
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expect clarity and more note definition.

Good things.
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Why Dimazio ?
Get some Duncan JB's, they'd suit your style and guitar well.

Because that's what my local store carries, and I approach it from the standpoint that just about anything aftermarket I buy (from Dimarzio or Duncan, etc.) is going to sound better than my stock pups.

I don't need to try 1 million different pickups, I just want to make an informed purchase and will probably be happy with it whatever it ends up being.

stumbled on that video the other day. yeah, the playing isn't so hot and I'm pretty sure he put the pickups in backwards, but a pretty good example of what changing pickups can do for your tone.
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^^Thanks. Very noticable improvement in tone quality. I had to chuckle a bit at his idea of "high gain" though. He'd piss his pants if he heard my tone...
Put a super distortion in the bridge and paf in the rhythem I'm sure you will be very happy,
and yu will get some pretty good tone from that combo