Me and my friend play as a simple 2 piece acoustic band, me on guitar, and her singing.

Looking to get some things recorded roughly but studios are much too dear.

Can't really get my head round these digital recorders. Been looking at the Boss Micro BR. Few questions..

1) Is there any monitoring for electric guitar (if I was to add a few solos).
2) Do I need to plug a mic in to record vocals or just use the onboard mic?
3) Are they easy enough to use? Can't seem to get any decent tutorials on YouTube.

Any other recommendations for recorders that would do what I need to a good standard?
I've owned a Micro BR for a few years and I reallly don't recommend it.
It can be a fun toy but there are a few flaws. The built amp models are pretty bad and anyway the guitar input has so little headroom that plugging your electric guitar straight in is just useless (but to answer your question, yes, there is monitoring). The onboard mic also has very little headroom and doesn't sound really good anyway to be honest. It's fairly easy to use, the manual is pretty complete.

If you want a good portable recorder, I recommend this over the micro BR: