I'm a bedroom bass player I usually just learn song or jam to a drum beat.... most of time I play everyday for at least 30 mins to and hour more if no one is home so I can really crank it up
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Haha well depends, I split my time between nailing the originals for my bandmates, working out songs by ear, playing solos that sound shit, groovin', rockin' and playing a lot of guitar to write parts for my guitarist .
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An hour or more a day. It depends on whether I have practice or rehearsal as well.

And remember its not quantity but quality of practice that is important. Thirty minutes of focused practice is going to be more beneficial than 1 hour of messing about on your instrument.
Mess around for an hour our so, practice for an hour or so, each multiple times a day.... So around six hours.
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I try to practice an hour a day, but usually at least half of that is just woodshedding. Hopefully my class schedule will allow more practice time next year.
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I spend usually 2-3 hours a day with a bass in my hands, but a lot of it is lazy practising, a habit I should really get out of. I don't have much of a routine, spend most of my time either noodling over a drum machine and familiarising myself with scales, or playing/figuring out. Currently spending about an hour a day learning to read sheet too.
i have been spending more time with guitar lately. ill still pickup my bass about 3 -5 times a week and dick about with it. but its mostly acoustic guitar stuff that I do nowadays.
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About an hour each day for bass and half hour for guitar.
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About an hour or every two days or so. It's getting harder to play lately since my carpel tunnel acts up a lot.

So I have to rest my hands for a few days or wake up with that horrible burning feeling and numbness.
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i try to play like 2 hours...barely manage
but thats cos ive got big exams coming up so...
in summer i play like 6 hours a day, maybe more
I don't play an awful lot, I wouldn't consider myself a bassist, I learn the songs I need to for the band I play bass for and before a gig or something I'll run scales or do some Jaco Pastorius sorta stuff to get myself into shape for playing.
Practically everyday. If I dont play at home, I play at school and vice versa.
Taking guitar lessons right now so my focus is elsewhere, the basses get picked up maybe for an hour or so a week. More if I get invited to jam and they need a bass player.
I try to spend about an hour playing every weekday, but weekends can vary. If I have money then I will probably do something else but I always try to make time to play. Today I had no money, so I literally have done nothing else today except for playing bass and walking my dog. DAMN YOU CREDIT CRUNCH!!!
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meh with school I only get time for about a half hour,but I do always pick it up and play it for 30 seconds at a time every time I look at it....
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Depends on the mood I'm...

If I'm not feeling it I'll jackaround for 30 min or so and call it quits. But if I'm feeling it I go as long as I can, before my girlfriend threatens to throw my bass down the stairs
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It varies. I typically play at least a little bit every day. I keep guitars in several rooms of my house - next to the couch, computer, etc. So, if I get the urge I can just pick one up and play. Some days I play almost all day and I'll play everything I hear, down to commercial jingles. I never go more than a week without playing. Gives me withdrawals.
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