I'm interested in buying a reissue Danelectro DC59 with the fully adjustable saddles bridge. Preferably in black; but that's not necessary.

I'd consider a '63 reissue too, in any colour, but would prefer a '59.

Lemme know what you've got.
I stay in the UK. Would be happy to come and pick it up if it suits (I stay near Glasgow), but would be equally willing to have it shipped. If it was cheap enough, I'd consider buying from overseas too.

Thanks for your time.
Bit of a long shot, I've got a '56 i'm getting rid of (reissue of the u2 I think) ??

It's this one
It's just a drop in the biggest ocean I know I've ever seen
And in a moment it's big enough to drown the whole world...
Cheers, but I'm a lefty and I'm looking for a model that'll be fine to turn upside down. 59s and more 63s are more symetrical, and lefties of any sort cost far more than they ought to.

Thanks nonetheless.