What Happened To My Life?

I only travel two feet by foot
My life
What happened to my life?
I know it’s somewhere
With someone else

Your skin is peeling
So I’m peeking
Once a day’s a habit
Together only by distance
You’re not quite this
And I could never be that

If I stop, I think and fall asleep
I walk
The boundaries of dreams
Try to find my life again
Out of windows with no view

There should be pleasure somewhere here
Buried deep like some kind of treasure
In the bodies
There should be a feeling
In your soul
You should already know

There’s a mind that thinks
It wasn’t meant for this
My life
What happened to my life?

Waiting For Wrinkles

Hair is just a frame
So fix your face like a portrait
It’s unseemly for a smile to stay
Boy I still don’t know what you will be
I haven't found a life you wanted

Mother you built me well
But I can’t find the next pieces
Is a mind built to think like this?
Or did the teachers make a mistake
In forcing me through the mold

I've grown up in some ways I'm sure
My vices seem less damaging than yours
And that in a way is comforting sometimes
But I’m glad you’re still alive
For as long as that lasts

I'm quick to bed hoping it's a race
And we trip and fall and tangle
Someday I will escape my sheets
Even the skeleton makes its grave
But its morning I’m still to die
Give me a break I'm waiting for wrinkles

Flicker The Guttering Flame

Pink to white and then deathly gray, your skin changed

We’re trying to keep you alive for some reason
We can delay the grave for a few months more
The nurses will help you sit upright in the chair
So you can see clearly the shadow of the cloak
The reaper who is not yet standing over there

Machines will breathe for you
When your body gives in
Children will remember you
Grey, cold, tubes and machines
We weren’t meant to last this long

Blow the dying candles
Flicker the guttering flame
Struggle to breathe
Like the rest of the world
Holding that last breath