So, started this piece today.
I don't really know where I'm going with it, but I get a kind of Lamb of God feel from it.
Knowing where the inspiration comes from, I really want to NOT head the same direction. So, thinkin about a mellow acoustic/cleanguitar break somwhere, though later on.

Just making this thread as a workspace for ideas and continuous feedback.
So, tell me what you think of the start.
And wear headphones/earbuds - it'll give a better impression.

And btw; I think that if you bothered downloading the file, you should always give some feedback.

Ny låt Chris 2.gp5
Ny låt Chris 2 v2.gp5
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Id like to see some more of it done. That first wacky exotic section at bar 5 was a little too weird for me, but the one at bar 17 was awesome. The riffs were good, theyd sound pretty cool with some screams over it. I think its a good idea to throw in some clean/acoustic breaks, maybe throw in some sweet instruments like an acoustic/flute/strings/sitar combo or something, you know?

Nice step up from your past work
Thanks man!

The bar 5-8 lead is supposed to be off. If you didn't notice, the lead is in D and the rythm guitar is chugging D#. I'm actually quite happy with, as it causes tension towards the mayhem that awaits at Bar 9.

Bar 17 is completely ****ed up, and thanks for loving it. I have no idea where I came up with that idea from, but it works!

Still considering where to put it, but I'm thinking chord-based chorus with an acoustic melody or something to basically introduce the whole idea of acoustic instruments.