Why would anybody use open chords if you can use barre chords? just a general question, I'm just learning to play barre.

Well if your learning to play Barre chords Im sure your starting to find out how hard it is to hold them. Those things kill your hand when first starting out. Also, even though it is the same notes, They do have a different sound......

To answer your question though, open chords are easier to play(IMO) and offers added flexibility in songwriting. Learn to play both ways.
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Makes sense. I just couldn't figure it out. I mean I do hear the different, but in my opinion it's pretty minor...I guess the more I learn the more i'll know.
Open chords tend to resonate better on acoustic guitar, I can't explain the science behind it but they simply sound better. Plus, most open chords are in the same position so they're convenient to swap between- especially if you're singing as well
I've always just thought that you should learn and know both? Especially as barre chords aren't that far from your standard power chord?
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Sometimes, certain things just work better.
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Why use a knife when you have the side of your fork?

Sometimes, certain things just work better.

Interesting metaphor, thank you for that
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Well, like everyone else has said, they have different sounds. Most importantly, in my opinion, it's crazy hard to do sus or add9 chords on a barre, especially if you're going from a standard triad. For example, going from C Major to Cadd9 is a shift simply done by adding the pinky, but if you're using a barre, your pinky is tied up (most likeyl).

Happy playing, my friend.
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