Im a newb. Only been playing for about a year now.. I havent had too much experience with other amps(other than the line 6 Im using now).

Im looking for an amp(combo or halfstack).. that wont kill the bank. maybe around 600 bucks, and will last me along time.
Style of Music:
Led Zepplin

All this will be bedroom playing,, so I don’t need really 100 watt amp head, pissing off my neighbors……
I heard some good reviews from the following
Marshall Jcm 600
Jet City JCA20H
Bugera 6262( I know this is 100watt amp, but I heard really good things about its versatility, and someone on youtube the sound is good at low volumes)…

If there is an amp thats better for the price range thats not listed, or if you had to pick up one from the above listed(and share youre input),,, please let me know


Out of those, the Jet City.

The 600 is crap and the 6262 isn't at all what you want.

You'll probably have a hard time getting Hendrix out of that amp but the rest shouldn't cause too much trouble.
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+1 to jet city
you may also want to look at

peavey classic 30 combo

blackstar ht20 combo

all are great for what you want. and they can keep up with a drummer.
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