What kind of things do you have to know to be able to study a particular bassist's style and conciously incorporate his influence in your playing? Like, say for example, I wanted to understand how and why Timmy C and Justin Chancellor's basslines have that particular sound to them and how they're so easy to differentiate?
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I like tab books which have the complete transcribed scores. It shows every written recorded part of the song. This is useful for seeing if the bassist goes out the pocket or countermelodys the vocals etc.

Listening and playing are paramount. I collect as many tablature books I can. Showing standard notation above the tab is crucial too. Rhythm. Duration. I am studying John Paul Jones from Zeppelin and Geddy Lee and Cliff Burton right now. Meaning, I am learning note for note out of the books. You'll see that most of the greats were "economical" in their approach to the bassline. Basicaly, the perfect groove to fit the song.
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Study their use of rhythm, and study their note choices.

For example, even though this isn't in the context of the bass (I'm quite young as a bassist really!), if you were wanting to replicate Steve Vai's sound, you'd look into using the Lydian mode and it'd be advisable to study Frank Zappa's use of rhythm.

A similar thing goes for anyone else you're looking into, look at the stuff they wrote, look at what they took from their influences, etc. It's just a case of studying the artist!
Learn a metric assload of their songs and you'll start to get a gist of their style. It's really that simple. Sometimes you can nail someone's general idiosyncrasies in 2 songs, and sometimes it takes their entire catalog.

Listen, Learn, Apply.

It's a lot simpler than you're making it out to be.
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