Here's some rings I've been making out of guitar strings. If there's enough interest, I'll offer them for sale in the Classified section. These rings are made out of silver and gold plated strings, flat wound nickle, phosphor bronze, and regular round wound steel strings. I can make them any size.
What do you think they might go for? We've sold the gold and silver plated ones for $25.00. Thanks for your input.

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I have no idea what they would sell for, but those are awesome.
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Was gonna say 'inb4 the lock' but those actually look pretty cool

But still... inb4 the lock
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you know what would make me buy them

if you can unwind it and it becomes a string again so in gigs if you break a string you have extra on your fingers!!!

but no there pretty cool:P id buy one maybe for a little cheaper though
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Dude. I want one.
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i could never wear them. they're secretly waiting to untangle and spike me in the eye.
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Lol, it's just a turk's head knot. Nice job though, it's tricky to make with any sort of metal or wire.
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Was there not a thread on this yesterday?
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So do we get our $25.00 back when they corrode and look ugly?
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So do we get our $25.00 back when they corrode and look ugly?

I wouldn't pay much more than a pack of strings costs

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That's pretty badass! I'd buy some if you asked for a little less.
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I'd definately wear them if they were cheaper, but now someone's said what kind of knot they are, i'm going to make them myself!!! Mwaahaahaahaahaaaaaa!

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Pretty good, I wouldn't wear one but I'm sure a lot would.
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I'd definately wear them if they were cheaper, but now someone's said what kind of knot they are, i'm going to make them myself!!! Mwaahaahaahaahaaaaaa!


Lol, good luck. It's tricky, but if you have a few hours and some patience you can learn it.
I forgot how to play guitar. Q_Q
Wouldn't these things eventually cause rash and stuff on your hands?

If not, I'd totally buy one. Or more.
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Thanks for your input guys. You're all right. They will wear out. They are costume jewelry at best. I'm guessing using bronze strings might turn your finger green, metal strings will tarnish, etc. That's why we tried the gold and silver plate strings, they don't react to skin allergies, or tarnish as fast.
I tie mine around a ring mandrel to get the right size. There are different ways to tie the knot, my way may not be the easy way for you.
Because the rings are flexable, they can fit a bit larger finger than a regular ring.
The rings in the picture are available. For the UG'ers that might want one, send me a P.M. with your ring size, and we'll see what can be done. If there's enough interest, I'll sell them in the Classifieds. Around 15 scooties for the regular metal strings, 20 scooties for the gold or silver strings sound fairer?
Thanks again for your help with this idea.
I have to be completely honest, I probably wouldn't pay more than $5 for a ring and maybe $10 for a braclet. I just don't see the quality in them. If you get a good procedure and technique going, they shouldn't be that hard to make at all. I mean, that is with all the problems of skin reactions and rust getting figured out which I think would be cheap fixes. But hey, I hope it works out for ya! That's just my opinion.