Hi all,

I've been using my JCM 800's, 1936 Cab for a while since I got my BF Bassman, but I've wanted to buy a separate cab for it.

I've found some cab makers here (namely Zilla cabs in the UK), that do a somewhat replica of the old fender piggyback cabs.

2 questions:

Is 4x10 significantly louder than 2x12? For a Bassman (BF) what configuration would you guys recommend (mainly for home use).

If 2x12, what are the best speakers that would go with the Bassman? I'm trying to get that classic warm clear vintage fender sound, that we've come to love from the classic super reverbs, twin reverbs, 59 Bassmans, etc.

You are not going to get tweed tone from your blackface bassman. It simply isn't possible.

You can, however, get great blackface tone from it.

If your bassman is from 65 or later then it's going to have a pretty tight tone so I reccomend a 2x12 cab. If you have an earlier blackface bassman then they tend to have a much bigger low end which can get floppy and so I'd go with a 4x10 or a 2x10 cab. I like the Jensen ceramic speakers for blackface amps. They are realy cheap and they have vintage fender tone. Many people will say to spring for alnico Jensens but the alnico Jensens are harsh and thin when used on blackface amps. If you do go alnico then I'd suggest getting them from Webber.
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I was looking at the C12N's but isnt the new C12N's supposed to be a bit too bright? I often use both standard tone and turn on the brightness switch on (it just offers some glassiness which i find pleasant if I turn the treble down alot). I also worry if it'll also mess up the distortion. I use a Zendrive, Marshall Guv'norm or a MXR GT-OD, will it make it too thin and ice trebley?

Weber speaks don't seem to be sold widely in the UK, and the 12F150's or Blue dog's seem quite expensive, £110-130 a pop, and I need 2!

I seem to have settled on 2x12 so more suggestions ideas appreciated!
Ok, seems after some looking around and from the responses I've "somewhat" narrowed my selection from all speakers to a few. I don't mind using combinations of speakers on a 2x12 for the most optimal fender vintage sound for cleans and overdrive (No ear aching ice picky sounds). These are the most acquirable and within my price range. Unfortunately the Webers though cheap, are hard to buy here or expensive!

Jensen C12N and/or C12K and/or P12Q

Eminence Red white blues and/or Cannabis Rex (although i am wearing this alone takes away that "sparkle" and/or Swamp Thang.

Celestian Vintage 30's or G12H30 (greenbacks?). Although I was told this is more voiced in a British style such as Marshally, which I don't really want, I guess?

If you go with the Jensen speakers then go with the C12N not the K or Q. The N is a better speaker in general and is more able to handle the wattage that your amp puts out. The Jensens are bright but if you are after black face tone they are NOT "too bright." There overdrive tone is a bit harsh and raunchy which many people love and many people hate.

If you go celestian I'd go with the greenbacks. They do sound great with a blackface bassman but they won't give you classic fender tone. Instead you will end up with a hybrid sound with smoother distortion, which is usually a good thing, and less dynamic cleans, which isn't as goood.

I actually run my blackface bassman through greenbacks and I like it but I've got several other blackfance amps that are running through ceramic jensens and I like them better but I'm into clean tone.

I'm not a fan of the Eminence speakers you listed and I think the vintage 30 doesn't mix well with the bassman. This is all my oppinion, of course, so I'm sure others will disagree with just about everything I've just said.
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